Yellow Pine Guest Ranch Rules

The Yellow Pine Guest Ranch is a marijuana-free locality. Although marijuana consumption is legal in the state of Colorado, we retain the right to strictly forbid its use in any form by anyone while on the premises.

State law prohibits smoking in all of the cabins. A $500 fine will be applied if this law is violated.
Smoking on the lawns and porches is permitted but please never drop cigarette butts on the ground.

No pets are allowed in the lodge.
Pets are allowed only by advance agreement with the management for dogs 50 lbs. and under. Please do not arrive with an undeclared pet.
A non-refundable pet fee of $50 per pet is required.
Any damage to a cabin due to the pet will be charged to the guest in addition to the fee paid. Please keep your dog leashed and be diligent about cleaning up after them. Request a “doggie towel” from the office to clean muddy paws before allowing a wet or muddy dog into your cabin.

Fishing in Yellow Pine’s trout stocked pond is limited to Yellow Pine Guests only.
No license is required to fish our stocked pond. If you wish to fish in the river, a license IS required by the state of Colorado and can be purchased locally. In the river, only experienced fly fishermen are permitted, using a barbless hook, catch and release only, never removing the fish from the water.
Limit is 4 fish per person per day. No catch and release in pond, too many fish are found dead later.
Fish are to be cleaned by the river and not in or near the cabins or pond, as this is bear attractant.
Cost is $4 per fish payable on departure from ranch.

ATVs and motorcycles are not to be ridden anywhere on the ranch except for arrival from, and departure to, another location.

No visiting motorhomes or fifth wheels will be allowed to stay on the ranch.
If you arrive for your cabin stay in a motorhome or fifth wheel you may be asked to park it out of sight.

Please do not park or drive on any grassy areas or park at the fishing pond.
Keep your car doors locked at all times and be sure there is no food in them as our resident bears are adept at opening car doors and damaging interiors. No kidding.

Guests are responsible for any damage caused to Yellow Pine property during cabin occupancy.

The lodge has a three-night minimum reservation requirement.
The cabins have a two-night minimum reservation requirement.
Check in time is 3:00 pm. Check out time is 10:00 am.

Keep screens closed on fireplaces when in use. Guest will be charged for spark damage to carpets.
No campfires are allowed outside the cabins.
A campfire may be enjoyed behind the meeting barn but only after approval from management. Check with the managers during business hours before building a fire in this fire pit. The fire must never be left unattended and must be thoroughly doused using the adjacent water hose by 10:00pm.

Reservations may be made in the office at an hourly rate of $50 per hour per person for those 8 years old and above.
Closed toe shoes and long pants are required to ride.
Remain outside of the corral upon arrival and enter only at the wrangler’s invitation.
The wrangler’s instructions are law, not request or suggestions, and are for everyone’s safety.